Consulting agency gathering the best speakers, entertainers, artists and celebrities from all around the world.

Minds // Great minds think alike


With a strong network of more than 7,000 contacts worldwide, Minds will bring you in touch with those who will carry your event to a new level of interest. Speakers, hosts, artists, entertainers, celebrities, from all around the world are ready to endorse your event, your advertising campaign and to spread your message worldwide.


Minds creates bonds between great minds.


Minds gives you a customized and personalized piece of advice to find the right speaker to share his expertise about a defined problematic.


Minds gets you in touch with the best journalists and hosts, from France and abroad to host your events and offer media-training.


After having conducted dozen of events and advertising campaign with celebrities, Minds is now an expert in managing those personalities. We help you choose the right personality for your purpose and will handle the contract’s terms and execution.

& e-sport

Product Placement, Native Advertising, Sponsored Posts, Events, Tailor-made Concepts, all possible operations to imagine together with our Influencers.


Minds offers an on-going artistic support for all your events. Besides helping you choose between several young artists, Minds guides his clients into real tailored artistic choices: artists, musician, singers, humourists…
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