Pamela Woodall

Pam Woodall has been the Economics Editor of The Economist since September 1993, covering international economic issues. She is since September 2006 the Asian Economics Editor of the Economist.

Before joining The Economist, she studied economics at Manchester University and the London School of Economics. She then worked as an economist in the Government Economic Service and later at Bank of America. In 1985 she joined The Economist as Economics Correspondent.

Pam keeps a close eye on the world economy. In recent years she has written in-depth surveys for The Economist about America?s economic boom and bust, the economics of new technology, globalisation, central banking and the global house-price bubble.

Pam's latest survey in The Economist focuses on China?s rapid integration into the world economy, which she believes is the world's most powerful source of future prosperity. Over the coming decades, China's boost to global growth could, she argues, exceed the much trumpeted gains from the IT revolution.
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